FIFI Parts List

Many people have been writing to Suliana or I recently and asking for a parts list for FIFI, the flat-field illuminator I developed for large field-of-view localization microscopy. (The manuscript may be found here.)

I compiled a list of the primary parts and suggestions for the optional parts that one may need to install FIFI into their own microscope. You may find the link to this document (in the Open Document .ods format) below.

FIFI Parts List


The prices for the parts are approximate and were taken from the respective vendor websites in January, 2017. Do not be surprised if the prices have changed since this time and differ from those in the spreadsheet.

If you find any problems or errors in this parts list, please do not hesitate to contact me. It is highly recommended that you perform the initial design of the illuminator for your setup before buying any parts to avoid making costly mistakes.

The parts list is MIT licensed.


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